Engaging our Services

  • Contact us with your request. We will quickly ascertain whether we can help you and direct you in the right path.

  • Investigation: This is ideally conducted in a  meeting and inspect the equipment/site if possible.

  • Initiating Axxiom services: A Letter of Intent and a confidentiality agreement if required will need to be agreed to.

  • A proposal will be generated with detailed design and costing, all information and intellectual property will remain the property of Axxiom unless specified when the project is awarded. For complex or medium to large projects a charge will be incurred to develop the proposal at a discounted rate. (For more information)

  • The proposal will be presented in a round table meeting for approval

  • Acceptance of the proposal, a 30% deposit will be required with order

  • Project implementation phase will commence: This entails detailed design, fabrication, assembly, installation and commissioning as per the agreed specifications.

  • Hand over: A review of the project performance is carried out by the project manager and project sponsor with the client. The Handover Certificate is signed.

  • Project Monitoring: The project manager monitors the performance of the project during the warranty period.