3dcad Drafting and Fabrication Services. We reverse engineer parts and machines with full fabrication drawings.  If you need something made from a sketch we can produce full fabrication drawings and assembly instructions. We can also reduce your fabrication cost by re-engineering the design to suit the manufacturing process.  View Sample Jobs 
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Conduct Audits on plant and equipment condition, and give an estimated service life and cost of repairs required. This allows you to better forecast capital expenditure and scheduled plant shuts. 
View Sample Reports: Crushing Plant, Milling plant, Electrostatic Precipitator, Shaft Failure.

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Conduct Proposals and Feasibility Studies into new equipment or new plant: there are many ways of achieving the same outcome.  This study will give you all available options, the pros and cons of different setups and the estimated cost associated with each option.  
View Sample Reports: Relocatable Automatic Bulk Bag Filling System, Milling Plant and Tanker Loading, Conveyor Drives UpgradeSand plant Feasibility study,  Blending and bagging Feasibility Study, Lime Screening and Crushing Plant.