Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are useful tools for testing ideas on paper to provide you with the information you require to make the decision whether the project satisfies all the constraints and fulfills the business requirement. Management team can then evaluate the idea before committing time and money to it.

What Axxiom can provide you with a feasibility study:
  • What are the steps required to implement the idea including conceptual design
  • Various options including the pros and cons associated with each option
  • Estimated cost and time frame associated with the project
  • Estimated running cost and ongoing maintenance cost, allowing management to work out cost of production including manpower required
  • Pay back on investment
  • Risk associated with the project
Project Proposal

Project proposal is undertaken once the feasibility study or the project is justified. The proposal has two main elements to it: the technical aspect and the business component. Axxiom can provide you with the engineering design, schedule plan for implementation, project costing, risk to project matrix as well as being able to develop the business case documentation for the capital approval.

Sample Reports:

 Relocatable Automatic Bulk Bag Filling System
 Milling Plant and Tanker Loading
Conveyor Drives Upgrade
Sand plant Feasability study
Blending and bagging Feasability Study
Lime Screening and Cruching Plant