Equipment Bogging Down

Bogging down is the term often used for equipment tripping on over load when required to deal with a load that is greater than their design capacity. This could be attributed to the following factors: raw material is not consistent, new product, human error, pushing the equipment to the limit to increase production, equipment condition, material build-up in equipment. Generally the operators will need to stop the process, attend to the equipment, manually clear the material causing the over load and run the system back up. This could run in the hours, and now you have potentially hundreds of tonnes of material that you need to handle, stop and start the machine repeatedly, and potentially could burn out the motor.

This issue has a cost associated with it and it is usually calculated using the following equation Total cost = (loss of production + labour required to clear the problem + cleanup cost + damage to equipment)  x  frequency of occurrence.

From experience we have found that sites where we have resolved equipment bogging down issues, and not all required equipment upgrade, other improvements followed such as quality due to smoother running and less interruption to their maintenance schedule, which in turn improved the running of the plant.

Technical Article 21/10/2012: Bogging Down (Tripping on Over Load) goes into more detail into resolving these issues. More case studies will follow.