OH&S: Manual Handling and Guarding

Every client we do work for has a Zero Injury Policy and so it should be.  Despite the fact that large sums of money and time are invested in OH&S, injuries still occur. This is due to the approach some people take towards safety. Some implement unnecessary measures that tick boxes rather than reduce the risk, and others misdiagnose due to not being clear about the legislation. The two items listed above end up either costing more than they should or not having any impact on safety.

Our approach to OH&S solution is two parts. We take the rigid requirements set by the Australian Standards and risk mitigation hierarchy and we use our knowledge and experience to make sure it is tailored to the site and operators. This ensures the measure taken not only complies, but is accepted by the operators and they are happy to use it.

Technical Article 10/12/2012: OH&S: Manual Handling and Guarding issues goes into more detail into resolving these issues. More case studies will follow.